Social Media

Build buzz around your business!

The social space is the place where businesses connect with customers, build brand awareness, and turn buzz into bucks.

It doesn’t take much to get started on Facebook or Twitter, but it takes quite a bit of expertise and dedicated effort to produce excellent ROI. Path Interactive’s social media marketing campaigns are powered by savvy and statistics. Our mix of marketing knowhow, cutting-edge technology, and deep understanding of social channels generate social media marketing campaigns that produce tangible results.

Advanced Campaigns

New media, new opportunities: Social networking sites make it easy to use images, videos, games, mobile apps, and contests to engage your target market.

Targeted marketing: We translate traditional marketing objectives into industry-leading social campaigns. It all starts with understanding what’s right for your business.

360° campaigns: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, podcasting, social bookmarking, RSS, mobile apps, web widgets… we do them all. More importantly, we know what they can do for you.

Easy to Understand Results

Improved SEO: Social media optimization produces better search placements, which means more views, customers, and sales.

Enhanced CRM: Social networks allow you to connect with your customers and respond to their needs, transforming potential negative messaging into a positive impact for your brand.

Better visibility: Be where the action is. Facebook and YouTube are among the world’s 3 most popular sites, generating millions of views every day.

Drive the conversation with a Path social media campaign.