On Site Training & Repair

Stop tearing your hair out when it comes to your computer and learn one-on-one with an expert!

Feel like you’d rather do it yourself? If that’s the case, be sure to call us first. Tell us what you have in mind, what your current level of experience is, and we’ll tell you how we can help.
Why suffer through months of trial-and-error? Why spend a fortune on books that leave you hanging? And worst of all, why waste time in a “web design class” that doesn’t cover what you want to know anyway?Innovative Digital Designs offers onsite computer training for adults and children. We are sensitive to individual needs and are extremely successful with beginners, intermediate and advanced computer users.
We offer training in the following areas:

Web Design for Beginners

We offer a wide variety of web development courses, ranging from beginning web page construction to advanced design. Beginners learn how to create a basic web page, place images on a web page, learn how to optimize images for the web, and will become familiar with general web design and browser issues.


We believe that the Internet and most importantly your company’s web site shouldn’t be a mystery to you.Whatever your consulting needs are, we will take the time necessary to ensure you understand the technologies and processes involved in your companies web site.
Our focus is always on the long term growth of your company and it’s site. We realize that a web site should enhance a company’s image, this goal can only be achieved through proper integration with your existing corporate strategies. We provide hands-on technical training to organizations and individual students.

Buying a computer

Advice and information is available to help you come to an informed decision about what to buy and where to buy it. Additionally, you can even make an appointment to have assistance when you talk to a store representative, or if you are ordering a computer by phone we can guide you through the selection and ordering process.
When your new computer comes home or arrives via UPS you do not need to be alone with all the diagrams, cables and components. You can make an appointment to have the system set up for you and streamline the registration process including starting your Internet account.


If you have an older system, or have been given an older system that you are not sure about, call us. We will be happy to thoroughly inspect the system and make you familiar with the capabilities and upgrade options of the computer.


Is your system not working properly? Not sure if you did something wrong or if there is a real hardware failure or conflict. We can diagnose the system, sometimes resolving the problem and saving you the cost of hardware repair. If we cannot resolve the problem, we can tell you in plain English what the possibilities are so that when you talk to a hardware technician you do not feel at a disadvantage.