Misc. Services

Graphic Scans

We use an advanced Canon 1200 dpi scanner in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for optimum clarity and smallest file size. The resulting file is then further compressed using Macromedia’s Fireworks software.
We prefer 3″ x 5″ photos, as well as 35mm slides. We also specialize in taking electronic files and enhancing them for web use (EPS, TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG are supported file formats).

OCR Text Scans

OCR (Optical Character Resolution) scanning takes a printed brochure, sales sheet or some other typed or word processed form and converts it to a Word document. This is very convenient for businesses where files have accidentally been deleted from their computer, or where a report is filed that was produced with an old typewriter or electronic word processor.
Upon completion, you can then edit the document as you ordinarily would. A great time saver!

Personalized Web Photo Albums

Naples Internet Hosting can create a photo album web page just for you. Choose from a selection of our custom made backgrounds and provide us with your favourite photographs, digital or printed, and your friends and family can visit your own photo album web page.
Think of the possibilities
Add a whole new dimension to the “Christmas Letter” or show off your “Wedding Album” to guests who were unable to attend. Show friends and family your new baby or your new home. Keep grandma and grandpa updated with instant access to your recent family photographs.
More than just a web greeting card. Your friends and family can link to a custom designed web photo ablum with an assortment of special photographs you have selected. Check out some of our pages.

Adobe PDF Creation

If you have forms that you want visitors of your site to be available to download, we can help you. We can take your Microsoft Word or any other file that can be printed and convert it to an Adobe PDF.

This is how it would work, you email us the form you want in a Word file, we convert it and email it back. You just save the form to a directory on your site and then link to that file anywhere on your site. When someone selects “download form”, that file will come up and print just the way you set it up in Word. In order for someone to download this file, they must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their system, which most computers do, but if they don’t, we will also provide you with a graphic and link to Adobe so they can download Reader for free. You of course can do this yourself, if you buy Adobe Acrobat, but if adding forms is a rare event, it may be more economical to have us do it for you.Convert those long Word document price sheets, line cards or technical white papers into PDF (Portable Document Format). The benefits to consider when evaluating converting are as follows:

• A PDF file cannot be altered. If sensitive data is being released (such as a price sheet), this eliminates the recipient from being able to alter it.
• Layout and formats applied to the original Word file are exactly duplicated.

Internet Marketing

Are you getting enough visitors to your website? Let us help you to increase traffic and revenue!

Print Marketing Material

Effective print marketing materials can mean the difference between looking like everyone else or standing out. Are yours presenting the right image? Take a look at our portfolio and see if your marketing materials could use a more professional touch.


Your logo is the face of your company which is why it’s so important to invest in an experienced, professional design firm that will ensure yours presents a powerful and lasting impression of your company.