Logo & Branding

Why choose Innovative Digital Designs?

We will work with you on a one-to-one basis and be there to assist you on every step of logo design process i.e. from start to finish making sure that the process is quick and effortless for you and you get a custom logo that suitably represents your brand.

Superior Quality

To make sure your business logo doesn’t get lost in the clutter it has to be unique and one of its kind. We know what it takes to create a small business logo design that is memorable, distinctive and depicts the philosophy of your business. They know that a successful logo is more than fancy colors and graphic design and that the whole business image is dependent on a logo.

Quickest Turnaround 1-3 Days

You can expect anything but a compromise on quality. We make sure that we are delivering excellent quality logo design that gives an insight of the clients’ business.

Personalized, One-to-One Customer Service

We are real people and we don’t hide behind computers. We will answer your queries and concerns whenever you call us. Our logo consultants are available round the clock to help you in resolving your issues and answer your queries. You can reach us through phone, email and chat.

Animated Logo Design

Animated logo design has captured the attention of professionals and businesses alike as the internet becomes a more widely used marketing tool. Animated logo design has become a staple for the online business presence and can be used in a variety of different ways, including: email signatures, websites and FLASH videos. Our experienced animators have backgrounds which encompass classical hand-drawn animation, FLASH animation and 3-D animation. We also assign a marketing consultant to work in tandem with our animators and graphic designers to produce dynamic and vital animation. Our goal is to design your animated logo not only to look great, but also to suit your business branding needs.
The world moves quickly these days and it takes something different to stand out from the crowd, especially on the internet. An animated logo is an eye-catching and attractive feature that will give your company prestige and a technological edge over your competitors. Attract new customers and bring your corporate branding to the next level. Your animated logo will serve to represent your company’s branding through the art of movement.