Flash / Interactive

A trade show? A new product launch? Targeted promotions?

As technologies become increasingly flexible, it’s important to be able to capture and/or create customer responses to your marketing efforts. With interactive media, you can do both. By creating dynamic, compelling, environments for your audience to interact you will increase customer retention and gain greater marketing effectiveness.
Through multimedia, Naples Internet Hosting creates a stronger impact on your companys sales/marketing presentations and Web Sites. Applied effectively, animation transforms your static presentation into a compelling medium. With the proper mix of information and multimedia, we will distinguish your company from the competition.
Naples Internet Hosting uses a variety of technologies to build multimedia presentations-giving you great flexibility and maximum audience impact.

Interactive CD Business Cards

Interactive CD Business Cards are the wave of the future. Why pass out paper when you can give your prospective clients a whole multimedia presentation including video, music, animation, printable material and can link to your web site and fits all on a CD the size of a business card.
Want an excellent marketing tool that provides your company information, products, or services all on a tiny business card sized CD-ROM? We develop the interactive programs and media that gets your business noticed in a competitive marketplace.
• Fantastic for interactive product brochures.
• Can link to your web site for the latest information or promotions.
• Fit nicely in a standard envelope which cuts way back on direct mail costs.
• Continues your sales pitch after the customer has left.
• Increase your direct mail response rate by 50% to 75%.
• Are passed from one customer to another – increases your leads.
• Duplication resources available.
• Great for promoting your business, direct mailers or trade show hand-outs.
• 50 Megs of space for data on each business card! That’s over 35 Floppy Disks!
• Nobody likes to throw away a CD-ROM, a marketing tool that customers actually look at!
Instead of handing someone a business card…why not hand them a CD business card? Perfect for any sales person in a competitive market! Include interactive maps, pictures, and still have room for pages of data. Give your customers custom screen savers featuring your logo and information!
Interactive CD Business Cards can be used for any number of reasons including:
• Multimedia Presentations
• Interactive Sales Presentations
• Promotional Activities
• Job or School Resumes
• Direct Mail Campaigns
• Grand Openings
• Digital Catalogs & Brochures
• Prerecorded Virtual Tours
• Trade Show Presentations
• Concert Tours
• Promo Packs
• Product Demonstrations
The applications are endless! When you have CD’s by Naples Internet Hosting, your business card isn’t just a piece of paper with your contact information; it is a powerful sales tool that will move you ahead of the competition!

Custom Flash Games

Add a little fun to your next promotion — online or offline — with custom-made games from Naples Internet Hosting! We can create a custom-made game just for you – integrating your own company logo, graphics, colors, etc., within weeks or even days of a request. This game can be downloaded and played offline.
Are you simply interested in a one-off promotion where your company logo can be featured on the board or as the game pieces in a particular game? Are you working on a promotion campaign for your music, TV or film event where you need a quick product that might interest your web site or store visitors as an entertaining give-away?
Naples Internet Hosting can create interactive games which when applied correctly are a very effective marketing tool. Download from your Web site, add a game to your CD, play online – even on your site, these games are fun but also a practical means of advertising your company to key target markets. Visit our samples page and download one of our FREE games today.
Everyone loves playing games. Whenever clients or prospective clients take a break from their work and open up your custom game on their computer, they have fun playing your game and are reminded of your company and products. Thus, they associate fun and enjoyment with your company and products. With a custom game, you jjust can’t go wrong!
We can also create custom games designed specifically for your company. Custom games can convey information in a fun and effective manner not possible through conventional forms of media. Games actively engage the user in the presentation and force the information to stick, like a clever jingle.

Powerpoint Presentations

At Naples Internet Hosting, we also prepare Powerpoint Presentations. Have you ever had a presentation that you had months to prepare for…but you left it to the last minute? Send us what you have and we will scour the internet and our media libraries for graphics and sound files to make you the hit of tomorrow’s boring sales meeting or product launch.
Today’s marketing and corporate communication projects depend on effective product presentations. Sales, marketing, and corporate presentations come to life when multimedia elements interact with our senses and create a lasting impact.
We create presentations that combine video, graphics, animation, sound, and music to spotlight your company’s products and services. Your audience will be able to view these presentations from a CD-ROM, Intranet, kiosk or your Website.
Microsoft PowerPoint has become a standard for many business multimedia presentations. We have been supporting this program since it was first released. PowerPoint has wide-spread acceptance and is supported by both PC and Mac platforms. There is even a free PowerPoint viewer so people without the program can view your show. Your PowerPoint show can be sent via disk, CD-ROM, or on the Internet!
Just send us your information and we’ll build a PowerPoint show to meet your needs; with the look and feel to fit your style.
Taking your “work-in-progress” is one of our specialties. Have you started your show? The content is there – but, you just need someone to help you make it look more professional and appealing. We can add scans of photos & slides, diagrams, voice, music and multimedia features to help you convey your ideas. Just send us your PowerPoint file and deadline – we’ll do the rest.

Custom Screensavers

We create custom made, one-of-a-kind screensavers for both personal and business use. You might want a personal screensaver for your own home pc, to celebrate a birthday, a family reunion, etc. Or your need might be business oriented such as product or service promotion, employee training or motivation, etc. Whatever your need may be, we can create a custom screensaver to meet that need.
Can we create all kinds of screensavers? No. We won’t offer you something that we’re not satisfied with ourselves. You deserve better than that. The screensavers we offer here are here for one reason, we do them well.
Although our products are one-of-a-kind and never made the same way twice, our prices are competitive and very reasonable. Our goal is that you be thrilled with our work and satisfied with our prices, then hopefully you’ll tell others.
All custom made screensavers will be available for immediate download using a link we email to you and also available for production on a CD/DVD or business card CD to hand out or sell.